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Buyer Panel: Using Reviews to Make Better Buying Decisions

This on-demand webinar features:
Chris Salles headshot | TrustRadius
Chris Salles
Director of Learning & Knowledge Management at Audible
"The hardest part of buying software is really just trying to see through the marketing of it all, getting down to the kind of brass tacks about what this thing can do, what the tech really offers. That's why videos, screenshots, and customer reviews are really important to help clear up those muddy waters."
Dana Mortimer Headshot | TrustRadius
Dana Mortimer

Human Resources Manager at Milne
"No software is going to solve 100% of any individual business's needs, so it's only prudent to make sure I know how the software will benefit us, and exactly where it will not be able to help."
Bethany Chan Headshot | TrustRadius
Bethany Chan
Customer Success Manager at SupplyFrame
"It's really nice to be able to say, 'Look, here's another company like us out there who are solving the same problems using the solution.'"